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I believe that you have all the resources within you needed to heal from your past trauma, break habits that no longer serve you, and create healthy responses to the stress of your environment.

The stress of today’s society wreaks havoc on all of us and although many just accept that it is a part of life we have no control over, we can reduce our exposure to its stress. We can create a life of peace from suffering anxiety and addictions that finds us avoiding the things that used to give us joy, which leads to depression, fatigue and adrenal burnout.

Many very happy clients have taken that first step with hypnotherapy and are now overcoming their negative habits, fears and behaviours.

Holistic therapy such as hypnotherapy and mindfulness enables my clients to take that flight without a panic attack, or relax when public speaking, or enjoying being sociable again, or add years to their life after stopping smoking, or started that business they never thought they could, and the list goes on and on…

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist & Mindfulness Teacher, my aim is to use my many therapeutic tools and techniques to guide you and facilitate the change you want in your life.


Anxiety Sydney
Manage Anxiety

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Reduce Stress

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Overcome Fears & Phobias

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Stop Smoking

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Mindfulness Training

Do you ever get the feeling that life has taken the wheel leaving you at its mercy physically and mentally?...

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Hypnosis has been clinically proven to provide medical and therapeutic benefits for a range of issues.

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Weight loss Sydney
Weight Loss

Weight-loss is simple once you understand the powerful principles that achieve and sustain the right..

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IBS / Gut Health

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Hypnotherapy Results

Scott is an amazing and patient master of his craft. I'm a practitioner of rapid change/nlp and have been looking for someone to help me with my issues as I respond best when working with a practitioner instead of doing it to myself so when I finally found Scott it genuinely felt like I found someone who could get the results I'm needing. I've been to a number of hypnotherapists and they don't even come close to his skill set, his understanding of the brain/body connection and his genuine level of empathy and desire to help their clients. During my latest hypnotherapy session.. I had such a release of built up stress and associated trauma that I experienced huge shifts in my muscles that were holding the stress (jaw muscles) - the experience and the resulting breakthrough is nothing less than extraordinary!

Lui Chaosillator

 I have suffered from depression since a major trauma in my life. Scott has done more for me in 2 months than 25 years of doctors, psychiatrists and medications. Scott does so much more than hypnotherapy. He started by explaining how the different parts of the brain works and how my negative thought habits were affecting my depression. He has a whole range of resources and practical tools. I was very sceptical of hypnosis, but now I am a firm believer, at least in the way Scott does it, I had tried hypnosis previously with someone else and it didn’t work. I did a hypnosis session with Scott on not drinking and it worked amazingly, I just don’t need to drink now, there has been no struggle. Scots empathy and caring goes beyond what I expected. I have done all my session over the phone.  

Graeme H


Accessing the deeper part of my brain with Scott from Sydney Integrative Hypnotherapy, gave INSTANT results allowing me to overcome procrastination surrounding financial matters. Within a week I had taken action on matters that I had been putting off for years!!! Say no more. GO check out his work. You have everything to gain.

Dr Lauren W


Scott offers a life changing experience I can not recommend highly enough. He has shown me a whole new level of consciousness and mindfulness which makes you see life through a complete different lens and shows you what happiness and presence is supposed to feel like. He gives you tools for life which you will be able to apply in so many different situations which can literally save you. Thank you Scott for everything is all that is left to say 🙂  

Isabel W


Scott is an intuitive, gifted and attentive practitioner. His hypnotherapy sessions work to re-program bad habits, re-train the brain away from anxiety and depression as well as instill positivity and mindfulness. His sessions are life-changing. Highly recommended.

Maria S


I started seeing Scott for a number of phobias. The hypnotherapy sessions and the tools he has taught me have made me feel confident in facing my phobias. Scott is also a great listener and very empathetic.

Catherine T


I have suffered with anxiety amongst other battles all of my life, but always swept them under the carpet. After having a major shutdown, i contacted Scott at Sydney Integrative Hypnotherapy and he went above and beyond to help me get through, explaining in detail what was happening, why it was happening and how to lead a life free of anxiety disorders. I still have bad days sometimes, but i am 1000 times better then i have been in many, many years. Thank you Scott.. for guiding me, and giving me the skills i need to be a successful parent and overall person. Highly Highly recommended!!!!

Monique D



How stress can give you super powers, that are not so super!

Just now while grabbing a few almonds from the pantry I dropped one and my super-fast reflexes kicked in and I caught it. Although this may seem out of the ordinary to some these super powers are very much normal though may be driven by stress. When our stress baseline is heightened we enter a

Anxiety Sydney
Stop Fighting Anxiety, Today!

I’m working with a client via phone today with severe anxiety after a recent traumatic event heightened her vigilance to intolerable levels. It’s the same response i see continually in clinic. Never ending questions… Why is this happening to me…… This is how I feel (on loop)….. I feel like I want to vomit…. Will this go away…… How will I have the energy to keep fighting this to mention a few.

Do you have perfectionistic tendencies that lead to anxiety?

Perfectionistic tendencies most surely can lead to anxiety. Having high expectations of ourselves can place undue pressure to perform and may give rise to a state of shame when that inner voice of ours beats us down again and again for not being good enough. Shame can manifest as mental and physical illness and has

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