How stress can give you super powers, that are not so super!

Just now while grabbing a few almonds from the pantry I dropped one and my super-fast reflexes kicked in and I caught it. Although this may seem out of the ordinary to some these super powers are very much normal though may be driven by stress. When our stress baseline is heightened we enter a

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Stop Fighting Anxiety, Today!

I’m working with a client via phone today with severe anxiety after a recent traumatic event heightened her vigilance to intolerable levels. It’s the same response i see continually in clinic. Never ending questions… Why is this happening to me…… This is how I feel (on loop)….. I feel like I want to vomit…. Will this go away…… How will I have the energy to keep fighting this to mention a few.

Do you have perfectionistic tendencies that lead to anxiety?

Perfectionistic tendencies most surely can lead to anxiety. Having high expectations of ourselves can place undue pressure to perform and may give rise to a state of shame when that inner voice of ours beats us down again and again for not being good enough. Shame can manifest as mental and physical illness and has

Why is my gut health not improving?

Why is my gut health not improving?   So often we see clients in clinic that present with a myriad of health problems. When they’re asked about the stress in their lives they reply, “oh yeah I’m pushed so hard at work and don’t have a second to myself but yeah I’m handling my stress

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Areas we service in Sydney

Areas we service in Sydney So what can I say about Sydney….we have that famous bridge , opera house and center point tower nestled within a city of lights , work and night life. Like so many large cities the pace can be hectic and keeping up the pace can be difficult upon exhausting. Sydney

The hell behind PTSD

Do you have strong associations to certain songs? I do and its amazing the way our mind works and pairs events and triggers to create memories. I came across this song ( WRONG SIDE OF HEAVEN )and it inspired me to shed some light on this terrible illness. Its estimated that 460,00 veterans suffer from

How we can change no matter how old we are

THIS INCREDIBLE GIF shows us how our brain forms connections and communicates with the many different regions of the brain. A neural pathway is made up of many thousand of neurons connecting as you can see here to form a complex network. This one pathway shown could represent a thought, a memory or a pattern

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Is Hypnotherapy mind control?

I just wanted to dispel a myth in regard to hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is not mind control, it’s implanting positive suggestions to overwrite the negative thinking patterns you have learnt that lead to stress to anxiety to gut issues and full circle to impacting back on our mental health. The hypnotic state just makes you more

What can integrative mindful awareness do for you?

Its true mindfulness is the buzz word around today with more and more research being offered to its effectiveness and its ability to change lives. Integrative mindful awareness is a little more complex than traditional mindfulness meditation though has shown much success to those that commit to it. Daily mindful awareness training can be viewed

Why do i feel worried and sick to my stomach?

“Now, many people who don’t know a lot about trauma think that trauma has something to do with something that happened to you a long time ago. In fact, the past is the past and the only thing that matters is what happens right now. And what is trauma. Trauma is the residue that a