Reduce Stress

Stress Reduction

You know that feeling…the feeling where your mind is constantly on overdrive, your shoulders, neck and jaw muscles ache and you have so much trouble sleeping? These as well as constant lack of energy and headaches are all signs of heightened stress baseline. Healthy balanced Stress is a natural part of life and is what motivates us to be proactive though in today’s society it is in excess and creates physical and mental illness if left unmanaged. If you are stressed to the point of anger, physical illness, anxiety or depression this is the approach for you.

Our environment is full of stressors and some present in the form of pain or illness. The key is to view our environment in a way that reduces our exposure to stress, pain and illness and allows our minds and bodies to maintain balance and healthy emotional intelligence.

As is the focus of our clinic we focus on ways that our environment gets into our body creating the physical illness.

There are 4 main pathways that it gets in.

One through the central nervous system, another through the endocrine system, one through the blood system and the last based on genetic predisposition to illness.

In my program I deal with structuring your environment to make it work for you. Then on to your perceptions, anticipations and interpretations of your environment to reduce to the stressors that are ailing you.

The main approach is cultivating specific attitudes to change your patterns that currently lead to stress, anxiety and illness.

I give you focused concentration practices to maintain a healthy balance of stress chemicals and tools to better handle any environmental stressors that come up in the future.

We are very limited in how much we can change our environment though we have a lot more control over how we respond to it 😊

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